Our Departments & Units

Explore our Departments and Units who facilitate our operations at Holy Family

Out-Patient Department


We offer services such as:

  • Checking of vital signs (temperature, pulse, blood pressure, weight, height)
  • Administration of injectables (intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous)
  • Dressing of wounds
  • Triaging of clients
  • Health education
  • Checking of RDT (malaria) and Random Blood Sugar
  • PTB screening and 1st response screening
  • Informing wards about clients' admissions
  • Assisting prescribers in examining clients
  • Cleaning of consulting rooms, wheelchairs and stretchers.

Head of department Charlotte Owusu
Deputy H.O.D Josephine Konadu Adjekum



The Paediatric Department is one of the wards in the Holy Family Hospital adjacent to the main theatre and behind the laboratory department. The department has two units;

  1. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: This takes care of babies from birth to three months old.
  2. Ward: This takes care of those from 3 months to 12 years old.

    The ward has three doctors-a paediatrician and 2 medical officers-, two paediatric nurses, twelve enrolled nurses, three midwives and three ward assistants.

    The ward organizes monthly meetings and bi-weekly ward education for the staff. Daily ward rounds are done by the paediatric team. The doctors run OPD clinic everyday and special clinics after ward rounds. The ward offers 24-hour services. Our nurses are well trained to take care of special babies and children.

    We pride ourselves with providing quality healthcare to patients and relatives. With a paediatric specialist on the ward, we receive referrals from all peripheral hospitals, clinics and CHIP centres within and around the Kwahu West Municipality.

Ward In-Charge Mary Boampomaa



The obstetrics and gynaecology department provides specialist consultation, comprehensive treatment planning for both in-patient and out-patient care with a wide range of services for obstetrics. We provide pre-pregnancy and pregnancy care for all women ranging from centring pregnancy with a midwife through normal and high-risk pregnancies. Our gynaecologic services include a range from well women visits through to gynaecologic oncology including fibroids, infertility care, menopause, PMS and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

  • Head of Department who is a specialist OBGY
  • Maternity ward midwife in charge
  • Labour and Birthing suite midwife in charge

Staff Strength
  • 2 Specialists OBGY
  • 2 Medical Officers
  • 3 House Officers
  • 31 Registered Professional Midwives

Our Services
  • Preconception care
  • Prenatal care
  • Labour and delivery care
  • Postnatal care
  • Ultrasound scanning

Preconception care
We provide special care for couples who plan to start a family. Couples are prepared for pregnancy through the following;
  • Counselling on nutrition and weight management
  • Folic acid supplementation
  • BO Rhesus incompatibility and other laboratory investigations
  • Sickle cell screening
  • Assessment of life style and behavioural
  • Control and management of chronic diseases
  • Referral to specialist clinic

Prenatal care
After pregnancy is confirmed, the following services are provided for the expectant woman;
  • Laboratory investigations such as VDLR, prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV, Hepatitis B screening, sickling, grouping and rhesus factor, FBC, urine and stool routine exams, G6PD and malaria test
  • Maternal health monitoring for minor and major disorders of pregnancy and management of chronic diseases
  • Health education and counselling on nutrition
  • Iron and folic acid supplementations
  • Foetal growth monitoring; Non-stress test, ultrasound scan, routine abdominal palpations and auscultations
  • Male or partner involvement in care
  • Birth preparedness and complication readiness which include arrangement of transportation, having a support person and blood donation for storage.
Maternity ward

A prenatal ward where we admit pregnant women with major disorders of pregnancy, chronic conditions and complications

Lying-in ward

A ward where both mother and baby are put for continuum of care until discharged home after 24-72 hours post delivery.

Gynaecologic ward

We admit clients with gynaecologic conditions, we manage and treat medically or surgically with good prognosis and outcomes

Labour and delivery

A baby-friendly unit with comprehensive obstetric and neonatal emergency service provision. The unit is run 24 hours and receives referrals from various facilities in and around Nkawkaw. Every woman is considered unique and her baby special.

  • Labour is monitored on a cardiotocograph (CTG) which helps us to detect any deviation in foetal well-being and progress of labour for prompt intervention
  • Husbands or partners and support persons are allowed in the labour ward as we have individual birthing suites
  • A well mother and a healthy baby is our priority and our team of professionals ensure that and even more.

Head of department Dr. Eric Baafi (Specialist)



The department plays a dual role in the general hospital setup, thus Medical Records Management and Biostatistics. These two are generally termed as Health Information.

The unit is the first point of service for all patients who come to the hospital to access care. It is responsible for providing accurate and timely database to support management in planning and decision making.

Patients' information is managed electronically with 2 software i.e. the PHIS and e-archive system. The PHIS helps in the general care process of patients as well as claims generation for health financial purposes. The e-archive supports the folder filing and retrieval processes.

The department facilitates submitting unit returns through the DHIMS platform to various higher-level decision bodies like the Regional Health Directorate, National Catholic Health Service and the Christian Health Association of Ghana.

Key roles are also played by individual members of the department in various committees due to the coordinating nature of the department work schedule. Some of these committees include Quality Assurance, Claims Vetting, Folderless, Data Validation, Strategic Plan, HIV Quality Improvement, etc.

Head of department MICHAEL ASARE
Staff Strength 30


The department undertakes various forms of analysis on clients' samples such as blood, urine, stool, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid, semen, aspirates, etc. We assist clinicians to make informed decisions on client management. The units in the department are;
  • Haematology
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Blood bank

In the nearest future, the department hopes to become a referral centre within Kwahu and beyond.

Head of department Kadri Alhassan
Deputy H.O.D Eunice Mensah



To provide excellent nursing care and ensure provision of optimum care to all male patients and their relatives on the ward.

Description of work

We operate a 36-bed capacity ward. We provide timely undiluted expert management for all medical and surgical conditions that affect the male from 12 years and above. Some of the conditions include diabetes mellitus, hypertension, pneumonia, malaria and HIV. We also provide surgical interventions for men with problems affecting the male reproductive and urinary system which include hernia, prostate enlargement, etc. This is usually carried out twice a year with the help of visiting surgeons.

Ward In-charge Gloria Frempong
Deputy Jechonias Mensah



The ward has a staff strength of 14. Eight are staff nurses, four are enrolled nurses and two are ward assistants. The unit is headed by a senior nursing officer with a nursing officer as deputy. The unit is made of medical and surgical wards. The medical ward has 20 beds and the surgical ward has 15. The staff are dedicated, hardworking and friendly. We work to meet the expectations of our patients and their relatives. Mondays are for general ward rounds where patients get the opportunity to be reviewed by the physician specialist.

Ward In-Charge Irene Chanayireh
Deputy Rosemary Nimoh



We have a staff strength of five. It is headed by a Senior Staff Nurse.

There are five rooms with 17 beds for the isolation ward and three rooms for the private ward.

Conditions mostly admitted to the isolation ward include
  • Cholera cases
  • Tuberculosis (mostly Pulmonary TB)
  • Tetanus
  • Chicken Pox
  • Any other suspected cases of public health importance
In-Charge Ambrose Maalinyuur


This unit has long been created as one of the appropriate institutions to co-ordinate public health activities within the hospital. We give the opportunity for the hospital to continue to conduct health assessment, develop guidelines and assure the health of hospital staff, clients and the community at large. This helps to bridge the gap between public health (preventive) and clinical care services in the hospital. Some activities conducted in this unit include;
  • Administration of various vaccines/antigens to children under 5 and also to ensure they are fully immunized against the vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Cold chain management
  • Provision of postnatal services and natural family planning
  • Daily surveillance on disease of public health importance in the hospital and the community at large
  • Conduct community durbars, radio health talks, school health services, daily health talks, home visits and defaulter tracing in the community
  • Promotion of reproductive health, child health, adolescent health, environmental health and sustainability.
  • Monthly meeting with the aged (elderly)

Head of department Rev. Sis. Vero Bernice Osei, SSpS
Deputy H.O.D Mrs. Doris Darkwah


The Mental Health Unit at Holy Family Hospital compromises seven psychiatric nurses. Morning shift begins at 7:00am and ends at 3:00pm while afternoon shift begins at 1:30pm and ends at 7:00pm. On off-days and holidays, a staff is placed on-call duty. The main objective of the unit is to provide holistic nursing services to mentally ill patients and help to improve their level of functioning as to re-integrate them into the society. These are some of the activities carried out;
  • Assess, diagnose and administer medication (psychotropic)
  • Health education
  • Receive referral cases
  • Organize and embark on home visits and tracing of defaulters
  • Institutional health programs
  • Organize static clinics/manage in-patients
  • Conduct community durbars and outreach services

Head of department Dickson Mantey Bonsrah
Deputy H.O.D Felicia Ackon

Special Clinics


The unit comprises of ultrasound scanning, endoscopy and clinics such as hypertension, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. Ultrasound scans are done everyday from Monday to Friday. HPT clinics are done on Tuesdays, diabetes clinics are done on Wednesdays and HIV/AIDS clinics are done on Thursdays.

Head of Department Mrs. Harriet Brown
Deputy H.O.D Mary Agyarko Domfeh

Accounts Department


The staff strength of the accounts department is fourteen permanent staff and three national service personnel. The department has the following offices:

Laboratory and X-Ray Office:
Clients pass through this office in the accounts department before they go for a laboratory test. They bill the labs and collect money.

Claims Office:
This is the place where insurance bills are compiled before sending to the National Health Insurance Authority for payment.

Payroll Office:
The Payroll Office is responsible for preparing inputs for mechanization. It is also the place where non-mechanized staff salaries are prepared. They also prepare statutory deductions.

Accountant and Chief Accountant’s Office:
They are responsible for preparing the financial statement of the hospital and other subsidiary books.

In-Patient Office:
They are concerned with preparing bills of discharged patients.

Main Cashier:
Responsible for banking activities.

Head of department Mr. Emmanuel Boamah